Saturday, 28 February 2009

Change of plans...

In the end I didn't go to my parents last night, I'm going shortly. The plan was for Eddy and I to stay in the flat in Nottingham last night, then go over to my folks today, but Eddy's flu came back with a vengence and I was tired after work - so I stayed at home overnight, and really enjoyed the extra stitching time - I didn't go. to bed until 1am!

Here's a photo of Waiting for Ships (I did a little more this morning):

A big difference from the photo I took for this post. I don't think I'd picked it up in between either!! Irritatingly I seem to have lost 2 spools of Krenik Braid. I'm sure this was fully kitted up, but can I find any 829 ~8 braid anywhere in the house??? If I'd not ordered Jane's wedding sampler already I could have just added it to the order, but I did that on Thursday and I'm loathe to pay postage again. Grrr.

I also took a photo of my new lace project, sea monster. As you can see it's quite small. Yes, those are pin heads. This is after 2 evenings work, although both were a little less productive than some!

Right, better head off to the car...


Karoline said...

They both look lovely, great progress.

I hope your Mum makes a good recovery from her knee replacement, my MIL had her's done in January but while the knee is doing great she's had a stomach bug so isn't back on her feet yet.

Giovanna said...

I love your lacework!! Lovely colour too. And nice tail emerging in the mermaid WIP.