Tuesday, 20 January 2009

busy month!

January is turining into a busy month, although I have to admit a lot has been self inflicted! The main reason I've not had chance to blog, is that I (whispers) joined a gym. I've been fed up with my weight and fitness level for a while (well, most of my life to varying degrees, but really fed up of late). Since we moved to Leeds and bought a car my exercise levels plummeted. I was a member of a gym nearby, but eventually I lost my motivation, so I quit 18 months ago (needed to use the gym membership for house-buying related expenses, but really I just wasn't going). About 2 months ago I got motivated again, but needed to get past Christmas (and buying the new car) before I could afford to join.

I have to say I'm doing quite well so far. I joined a week ago Saturday, and since then I've done 2 yoga classes (which made my ribs really ache - I couldn't laugh for 4 days!), done 4 sessions of 1 hour each at the gym, and been swimming 3 times. I'm planning on trying aqua aerobics tonight. I already feel healthier, which is my aim. But this is cutting into my stitching and (more significantly) my blogging time quite a bit.. so fewer posts here.

Anyway, I have made some progress stitching wise. Sonata is about 3/4 done - I'll take it away with me this weekend, and am hoping to finish it then. I've actually stitched on FT for 2 Mondays running (and for part of last week), and somewhat amazingly I've picked up Las Vegas - I'm going to try and focus on this until the end of the month, and hopefully get the first page or so done.

I also picked out and started soemthign new, to replace Phoenix - I chose Mirabilia's Waiting for Ships - I've had it fully kitted up for a while now. I bought the fabric (PTP's Fathom) on my first trip to St Louis to see Amanda and Phil, and it was my first piece of hand dyed fabbie. I chose WFS to go with the fabric. I just hope I'll have enough contrast with the dark areas of stitching. It looked OK on a floss toss, but you never quite know! Luckily most of the design is quite pake in colour. Anyway, this is where I've got to so far:

Happy Stitching everyone!


Giovanna said...

Nice start! I'll look forward to following your progress on this!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Jo, huge Kudos for you for getting back to the gym!!! Next time I'm at the gym and not wanting to be on a treadmill, etc. I'll think of you!

Thanks for your ecouragement, the scale finally moved this week!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Well Jo, its Thursday and I spazzed out on the gym today desptie having my gear with me! I was just exhausted after work and went home and slept 4 hours instead!

I'll throw my bag in the car tomorrow and see what happens.

Lindsay said...

Great start Jo, love the fabric colour