Friday, 9 January 2009

Better late than never!

ooops, I seem to have forgotten to postred my January goals (they have been in my head for a while!). So I'm not cheating with the first two, honest!!

1) start a new project on the first - I started sonata
2) finish Phoenix - oh look, I did that already :)
3) finish sonata (well it's going so quickly!!)
4) spend the remaining Mondays with TW's Fantasy Triptych
5) work on Las Vegas
6) start something new (guilt-free January remember)
7) organise birth sampler for Monty and possibly start that too (see note above).

Boy, I'll be busy :)

Thanks Karoline for your comments on Birth Band by the Drawn Thread - that's my chosen sampler for Monty. He's only 1... so no real rush :lol

Thanks everyone for your kind comments re: my knee (it's better) and my sister's friend. And also about the Pheonix - thanks for popping by, your comments always make me smile

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