Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Back from a mini trip (or two)

Wow, January is flying past... This weekend we went down to Birmingham to celebrate a double 90th birthday party! Eddy's grandad turned 90 early in the new year, and Marie, his neighbour/girlfriend turned 90 last week. Needless to say the balloon shop were impressed when Mat and Wendy went in for TWO 90 balloons! We had a lovely lunch at a pub just south of Birmingham, and ate so much I just had a slice of toast for tea!!

Paul (Ed's Dad), Marie and Bill (Ed's grandad)

I got back Sunday tea time, and after a swift visit to the gym (well, I went as soon as I got back, but did a full hours' workout) I had to pack again, this time for a 2-day training course on 'Radiation Preotection' (another addition to my job). It was my intention to go for a swim on Monday morning on my way into work, but I just couldn't find the energy. After a long days work I drove over to Lymm in Cheshire, and settled into my (rather lovely) hotel room. The course was lots more fun that I expected, athough I think I was a bit of a novelty - only female, archaeologist, vaguely in charge of some rather unusual radiation sources! The best bit of the course was the food. Truly delicious. BUT, the major downfall of the course was the amount of food - full english breakfast, scone with morning coffee, three course lunch, huge slices of cake with afternoon coffee. To be honest I left most of my lunch, and kept the cake until the evening - and skipped tea! It was pretty much the same today, but I leanrt from yesterda7y and ate a lot less!!! I still feel very full though, and am pondering wether a visit to the gym will make me feel worse or better. I suspect it's a bad idea on this full a stomach, so I think I'll go tomorrow for a long workout. Unless I feel more energetic later. Needless to say I won't be eating a huge amount of tea tonight!!!

So, my plans for the evening are doing laundry, a little housework, and cross stitch of course. I may even manage a HD - I thought I'd do it at the weekend, but had to frog a section. Then I thought I'd finish at the hotel, but the frogs came to visit on another section... Maybe tonight???? I'll have to see what's on TV, and settle in for a long stitch!

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Consider yourself told off you were on my doorstep and you never told me, tut tut