Friday, 2 January 2009


Today my usual clumsyness returned... As I was getting in the shower (over bath shower) my foot slipped on the bottom of the bath, and I went flying. Luckily I managed to grab the side of the bath, but not before landing on the edge on my knee. Eddy heard the bangs, clatter and (shortly afterwards) screaming and dashed in to help (it hurt so badly I didn't have the energy to worry about how undignified I looked, naked, in a crumpled heap). He helped me to the bedroom to sit down, looked at my knee and immediately went to get a cold compress. By the time he got upstairs the bruises were beginning to show. I spent most of the morning resting it then had a shower (although I had help getting in and out of the bath...). Ed has been wonderful, making me lunch, changing movies for me, going to the shops and feeding me tea and biscuits. He even tackled the mountain of washing up we'd ignored since yesterday. And he only laughed at me the once (with me would be more accurately). My knee is still throbbing, is swollen, and only some of the bruises are showing - the most painful, swollen area hasn't changed colour - yet! But I think I'll live...

So I've had some quality stitching time today. Albeit a little uncomfortable as I can't easily curl up on the sofa and REALLY can't cross my legs. SO I picked up Phoenix as I really want to finish it. The small flames/teardrops are taking an age, but I've only got 6 more to go before I can start the BS.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my first photo of Sonata - after just one day of stitching I'm almost 1/4 done!! I absolutley LOVE stitching in silk, and for once my hand are quite soft (on my last attempt it kept catching on dry skin on my finger tips - an occupational hazzard for me. Further proof work is bad for you. I'm still trying to blank out that I have to return to work on Monday...

Sonata, Abbey Lane Designs, stitched in Belle Soie 'Blue Lagoon' on Platinum Belfast

Cherylann asked which fabric I'm using for Phoenix - it's a Stitches and Spice linen called Tundra, but the colour was discontinued earlier this year. I think the chart called for a silkweaver - sparkling sundown or something similar


Melissa33 said...

Wow, I'm hoping that everything is okay with your knee. Isn't it amazing how clumsy we can be? I did exactly what you did once but wasn't lucky enough to stop myself before falling down directly on my shoulder. Took almost a month before I had full motion back.

Phoenix looks amazing...I love the colors!

Shebafudge said...

Sorry to hear about your mishap but it had a silver lining I guess with all the stitching time. I hope you don't take to long to heal.

Take care of yourself!

Karoline said...

Ouch, I hope your knee is feeling better. Sonata is looking gorgeous.

Birth Band was a fun stitch though it would have been easier if I hadn't been stitching on 40 count! It's charted for NPI silks and it's sold as a chart pack with the silks. It probably took me about 25 hours of stitching to complete. HTH

Dani - tkdchick said...

Owwwie! I hope you're just bruised!

Sonata is very pretty!