Thursday, 5 February 2009

London Snow

This week has been a little busy, and a little disrupted! I had meetings in London on Monday and Tuesday - a perfect opportunity to catch up with Michelle and Julian! I travelled down Sunday night, slightly concerned that the forecast snow had started to fall at midday in Leeds.

Sure enough, on Monday morning London was snowy:

View from Michelle's flat.

Not lots of snow, but enough to send our capital into meltdown! NO buses. Not many tubes. AND (importantly for us) - no tesco food deliveries!! My Monday meeting was a wash out - I managed to get to the Museum, as did a colleague from Birmingham, but no one we were meeting made it. I did fall on my bum due to extreme wear on my shoes - they had worn flat and would probably be best described as 'slicks' - not to self, must buy new shoes suitable for snowy weather, or better still if going away while snow is forecast REMEMBER TO TAKE HIKING BOOTS!!

Anyway, we had coffee at the musuem, bought books, then headed out into the snow to find a suitable restuarant. We ended up in an Italian called Bertorelli's. It looked familiar to me - because it appeared in Sliding Doors (one of my favourite films) - although the deco had changed a little in the intervening 10 years, and the entrance has moved to the other side of the bar!

Tuesday was more productive - I had my meeting as planned and also got these fun shots:

The Natural History Museum

St Pancras Station. This photo looks a little odd without a blue ford Anglia flying past...

While I was away I finished the ornie I'd been stitching (sorry, no photo yet) and started a Winnie the Pooh that came on the front of a magazine. A friend gave it to me, but we'd not realised that the chart was in the magazine, but luckily it's a very simple design and I'm following it from the photograph!

Of course when I got back t' north there was just as much, if not more, snow than in London, and everything was running pretty much as normal... I drove to work on Wednesday with no problems at all, and had a planned working at home day today. Since I've been back I've been working on Birth Band and am over half done now. I'll try and post some photos later. That St Pancras photo has inspired me to pull out the Chamber of Secrets on DVD, so that's my evening planned!


Lindsay said...

Oooooo pretty snow pics :)

We did get snow here on Monday but it was gone by mid afternoon and today's lot was gone by lunch time, it never stays long here

Anonymous said...

That's a great shot of one my favourite places in London (NHM)!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I just laugh when the world stops in some areas for snow! The only times I don't make it out due to snow is if there's over 30cm of snow in a short period of time!