Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Chicago part 2!

One of my favourite parts of Chicago was all the skyscrapers. I have hundreds of photos of them! We thought about going up the Sears tower, but $12 for a ride in a lift seemed a bit steep... Then my friends George and Svenja told me about the John Hancock Tower. Almost as tall as Sears tower, with a bar on the 96th floor... well it just had to be done, didn't it? I thought a free lift ride and cocktails for $13 was a much better deal. We headed off early on Friday evening, keen to get a seat by a window - we'd heard this was THE place to see the sun set over Chicago, and it was spectacular!! Of course one Margarita turned into two, and we ate dinner very late that night, but I think it was my favourite part of the whole trip (much better than conference papers at any rate!!!)

So these photos show the views as the sun slowly set and the lights came on

Angela, Jelena and Sarah ehjoying their cocktails


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Dani - tkdchick said...

that sounds like fun and you've got some great skyline shots!