Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I'm Back!!!

Well I had a fabulous week in Chicago and weekend in St Louis. I have lots of photos to share, but am very jet lagged (really want my bed right now... I need to stay awake for another 4 hours minimum though), so this will be a short post!

As the beginning of April came and went while I was away I missed setting my goals for the month, so here we go:

March goals (recap):
1) bs centre panel and do xs of border on FT I did the bs and some of the border
2) continue with my lace yes, not as often as I'd have liked, but I'm very happy with the progress
3) start Elliot and Buttons Wedding Day, and make good progress started just before I left and I took this to the States with me
4) sort out chart for birth sampler for Jamie's son, possibly kit up nope!
5) stitch a little of waiting for ships I stitched on the A LOT!!
6) stitch a little of Peacock firescreen didn't touch it
7) stitch a little of Eeyore's problem or this...

So, what to do in April???

1) complete xs on Elliot and Buttons
2) finish FT border (but not bs)
3) work on Waiting for ships
4) stitch a small (top secret) gift
5) anything else I feel like

I won't say anything much about my trip, but I do have a short stash report.

We were disappointed by City Stitches in Chicago - mostly needlepoint, much less xs than their website made me believe, but I picked up 1 spool of the Kreinik I needed for WfS, and an old copy of Stitcher's World (Nov 2004) - which has some nice Christmassy stuff in
Stitches etc in St Charles was MUCH better!! I LOVE that shop. I came away with 4 charts:

Woolen sheep (The cricket collection)
Heartstruck friends (Midnight stitching)
Heartstruck Quakers (Midnight stitching)
Quaker Pin Cushions (Milady's needle)

I would have spent longer in the shop and way more money if I wasn't in the middle of my little patch of bad luck... While in Chicago I realised my visa card was being used fraudulently. Luckily only £150 had gone through before I noticed, and it looks like I'll get that back, but cancelling your visa just before paying a hotel bill of $500 is pretty scary stuff... Then my flight home yesterdays was cancelled. All of the alternatives were full, then I remembered Delta fly to Manchester from Atlanta - and luckily there were seats left (very comfy ones at that), so I got home on time to meet the boiler guy who was supposed to fix my boiler. Except he cancelled today, the spare part will be another 1-2 weeks. So we still don't have heating or hot water. Boy am I pleased I joined that gym... just around the corner from home too!! Oh yes, and the freezer decided to defrost itself (it did need defrosting, but preferably without all of the food in it). This is going to be an expensive month...

But on the plus side I snapped this lovely rainbow out of my frotn door this afternoon!

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