Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Wow, this Easter break is very busy... we have an enormous project in progress, which I'll share in a few days (we both took the rest of the week off) - I'll just say it's been hard work, it's not finished and it's left me so tired I've hardly stitched all week.

So instead I'll share a few photos of my trip to Chicago:

View from our bedroom window

Jelena on Navy Pier

Me and Sarah at Navy Pier

Jelena and Sarah downtown

Me and Sue the T-Rex at the field museum

The El (elevated railway)... we went on a ride on it, just for fun

I have lots more photos to share - of cocktails on the 96th floor of the Hancock Tower at sunset..., the stained glass museum (lots of pretty windows), of the architectural tour of Chicago (lots of skyscrapers) and the Tartan festival in St Charles...

Right, back to the BIG project...

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Anonymous said...

Lovely shots, thanks for sharing! Glad you had a good trip.