Thursday, 3 June 2010

June goals

With that long holiday in America and then work getting in the way, I've not set any goals since March... so, have I acheived my March goals? Let's have a quick recap:

In March I'd like to:
1) finish the ornie I started - yes (I think I meant the swwetheart tree one)
2) stitch another ornie - no, don't think so
3) work on FT - a little bit
4) pick up another WIP - yes, I've worked on Mini Greek Island and Wild Thyme Fairy, at least
5) MAKE SOME LACE (I mean it this time!!) - yes - I've done a lace course where I started a new Bedfordshire piece, I've worked on the Beds a little more since, and I started the garter.

In June I'd like to:

1) Start A New Beginning (Abbey Lane Designs) - I'm cheting here, I started it last night - perhaps stitch 2 motifs?
2) Complete 15 inches of lace (I have a deadline after all)
3) Stitch an ornament
4) Work on a WIP
5) Start one of the Blackbird Design that I bought on holiday

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Good luck with those goals!