Tuesday, 15 June 2010


One of the jokes we made frequently on holiday was how many photographs we'd taken of 'stripy rocks'. And rocks in general. I think it's the geologist in Eddy!! Our next destination on the Great American Road Trip was no exception... Monument Valley.

Thanks to a wonderful tip-off from a work colleague, we stayed at Goulding's Lodge. Goulding's was one of the first trading posts in the area, and was used as a set in 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon'. But for us it was the stunning view from our room that made it special.

Goulding's Lodge
We stayed in the motel on the bottom right of this photo - our room was the ground floor one that is on the left of the building. It had stunning views of Monument Valley:

The sun was beginning to set when we arrived...

So we waited a while and watched the sun set before getting dinner!

The next day we paid for a 3-hour tour of Monument Valley. It was well worth the money. Our tour guide had a wicked sense of humour - we realised he was making up names for some of the rock formations when he said "see that rock over there - it looks like Snoopy lying down". Snoopy was joined by "W V, stands for Wonderful View":

"Wonderful View"

...and "submarine rising out of the ocean". Sadly I failed to snap Snoopy or the sub, but the rock formations I did get a shot of were stunning:

A rare photo of Ed and I looking fairly normal (we don't look good in photos, as a rule)

We LOVED the petroglyphs (typical archaeologists!!)

After our tour we had a lovely slice of cake to keep us going, and headed off to Cortez, our next overnight destination. We passed Mexican Hat, and Ed got this shot as we drove past:

Mexican Hat

The lovely stripy rocks in the background are typical of the rock formations we passed between the Grand Canyon and Cortez - but I won't share any more photos of rocks with you - at least not today!!!


Giovanna said...

Beautiful shots, and that view from your motel was just perfect! Now I want to go there...

Dani - tkdchick said...

Well those stripy rocks are just gorgeous! I love that sort of landscape its just so alien to us easterners!