Sunday, 20 June 2010

Two for Tea

Last weekend I went to a good old-fashioned tea party. Not just any tea party, but one jointly hosted by my school friend Michaela - I've known her since we were 11! Michaela lives in a lovely little village in Lincolnshire, about 1 hour drive from my parents (it takes her 45 mins, but we have to allow an extra 15 or so, because we tend to get lost - we actually got there in less than an hour this time, which was a minor miracle!). It's worth noting that I live about 1 1/2 hours drive from my parents... but I do consider a 2 1/2 hour drive well within the bounds of acceptable if there is cake on offer...

Anyway, Michaela and some friends organised a tea party and food fair with a vintage feel at Timberland church hall:

We'd not told Michaela we were coming - so Eddy, Leanne (another school friend - we were in the same class at age 5, but I don't really remember her until a couple of years later...) and I arrived at the hall, queued to get in (always a good sign) and waited patiently for Michaela to stop serving a little old lady and spot us. Amazingly when said little old lady dropped her walking stick on my foot, and I picked it up for her, Michaela didn't spot us AT ALL, even though she was chatting to the little old lady the whole time... that's what I call excellent customer service. Eventually the little old lady bought some of Michaela's wares, and moved on. Michaela was a little surprised to see us!!! She was pretty busy though, selling homemade bread, cakes and fudge, so we said a quick hello then went to the back of the hall for afternoon tea:

We were given a table next to Michaela's husband, Stuart, and their two boys, so we had a lovely chat with them. Until the afternoon tea arrived, which stole our attention for a little while:

Eddy and Leanne

We were served sandwiches (finger sized, smoked salmon, egg, cucumber and ham - one of each per person). I lucked out as Eddy's veggie and Leanne doesn't like salmon!! There were also 2 small cakes, a slice of fruit cake and the most enormous scone with jam and cream EACH. It was scrummy (and looked a picture):

After a lovely chat, with wonderful cake, we had a good look at the stalls, and bought 4 plants for the garden, some home grown asparagus and potatoes, and (of course) a bag of Stuart's fudge... Michaela says it has a growing reputation in Lincolnshire - I pointed out it has a growing reputation in Yorkshire too!!!

We had another chat with Michaela, who by this time had sold most of her bread:


She invited us to stay for a BBQ, which was lovely... her garden is a proper cottage garden (although now is devoid of chickens - see her blog to read about the 'girls').

It was a wonderful afternoon out, and a great opportunity to catch up with some old friends. And best of all, I get to see them again next weekend - Anne (who lives in another Lincolnshire village near Michaela) is hosting a barn dance on Friday night... I've not been to a barn dance since I was about 10. I think it might be Eddy's first! Leanne and Michaela are going and Julie is also joining us... so that's 5 of the 6 of us... On Saturday/Sunday we are celebrating at Krista's Hen do - and if all goes without a hiccup, it will be the first time all 6 of us have got together since Anne got married...about 6 years ago? Which will be wonderful!!

Oh, and I might add that despite the afternoon tea/BBQ combo last Saturday I exercised A LOT, ate carefully every other day and LOST 1.5 lbs that week :)

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