Saturday, 3 July 2010

July goals

I've had a busy week at work, and I've been so tired it's really affected my stitching mojo - not good when you have a deadline to meet...

So how did I do with my goals? In June I wanted to:

1) Start A New Beginning (Abbey Lane Designs) - yes
2) Complete 15 inches of lace (I have a deadline after all) - done about 12 inches, so not bad
3) Stitch an ornament - no
4) Work on a WIP - yes picked up Fantasy Triptych again
5) Start one of the Blackbird Design that I bought on holiday - yes, I've started one - will share a photo tomorrow!

In July I'd like to:

1) work on at least 2 WIPS
2) complete 25 inches of lace
3) stitch an ornament

I'm keeping it simple as I really need to get Krista's garter done before her wedding!!!

Last weekend was Krista's hen weekend - and it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with my school friends, Leanne, Julie, Anne, Michaela and Krista. On the Friday night Leanne, Julie, Michaela and I went to a barn dance in Anne's village, partly organised by her husband. The wine flowed and we were all really giggly all night - it was wonderful fun. The highlight was eating THE BEST LASAGNE we'd ever tasted (from the deli Anne works at) at about 1 in the morning in Anne's garden!! Julie, Leanne and I crashed at Michaela's, but didn't go to bed until the sun was beginning to creep over the horizon!!

The next day we'd organised a little surprise for Krista - she'd split her hen do into 2 halves - Julie and I had decided to join her for a spa day on the Sunday, the others were going to see a show at the local theatre. Krista's mum and sister organised surprise drinks for her before the show - the first time all 6 of us have got together since Anne's wedding 7 years ago!! Krista's mum managed to get her out of the house unawares we were waiting for her in the pub with balloons, presents and kir royale. It was a really fun evening:

Me, Michaela, Julie, Krista, Leanne, Anne

The next day at the spa was wonderful too. I had an amazing hot stones massage, then chilled out in the pool and hot tub til lunchtime - a wonderful 3 course extravaganza - in the afternoon we sat in the sun with a cuppa, enjoyed the saunas and steam rooms, swam again and sunbathed. Bliss!!!

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Sara said...

Still catching up on all my blog reading after being away so long- your lace garter is gorgeous!! Good luck with your July goals!