Thursday, 2 December 2010

December goals

I'm trying to to think about the fact it's December, that Christmas is on the way, and I've not really done any Christmas shopping to speak of... but it is time to review those goals ;)

In November I wanted to:
1) Make good progress on Peacock Firescreen yes
2) Finish Pooh and Eeyore no, there's not much to do, but I didn't touch it!!
3) Finish Tulip scissor fob by Sue Hawkins yes
4) Stitch two ornaments I stitched 4, including 2 for the TWCOE
5) Work on my lace project a little bit
6) Work on another WIP yes - Wild Thyme Fairy

Not bad, all in all.

I seem to have forgotten to post the ornament HD that I completed earlier this month... French Country Star by JBW Designs from the 2010 JCS ornie magazine:

It was a fun piece to stitch.

So, what do I want to do in December?

1) work on my lace project
2) finish another WIP
3) start something new
4) do the finishing for some ornaments
5) do some quilting

Yes, I'm going for 'quite vague' this month!!!

I didn't really participate in NaBloPoMo month, but I did try and post more often - something I did achieve - 12 posts in all.

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Anonymous said...

Cute ornament! Good luck with your December goals