Saturday, 4 December 2010

Weekend white out

Well it's been a snowy week here... On Wednesday the University closed as the snow was falling so thick and fast there were concerns staff would struggle to get home (most staff live out of the city centre, on the hills - where the weather is generally MUCH worse than on campus). We had a snow day on Thursday. Much as I would have liked to spend the stitching, sadly I had a pile of marking to get done...

This weekend we cancelled our trip to Birmingham, as to get there we'd have to drive through some of the worse affected areas. Thankfully Eddy was able to get home by train - we were worried we'd not see each other this weekend.

So, what to do??? We're meeting a good friend for lunch (not seen her since August bank holiday), and probably making a more serious start on the Christmas shopping. I'm hoping to do some quilting also.

Over the last week I've been stitching Wild Thyme Fairy:

Last night I wanted a change, so started Holiday Peacock by Courtney Collection (JCS xmas ornie 2010). I finished it this morning:

Hope everyone has a lovely stitchy weekend!


Z said...

The fairy is looking good, and a great finish on the peacock.

Sara said...

Beautiful stitching! Enjoy the snowy weather, we're starting to get our winter weather here too.

Giovanna said...

OK, now I *know* that I have to stitch that peacock! Great stitching on both!

Karoline said...

Great progress on the fairy and the peacock looks lovely.

Wasn't the snow awful, I hope we've seen the last of it.