Monday, 6 December 2010

Exciting things that come in the post ;)

I've had a good few days of exciting post...

On Saturday (while I was in the shower) the postie rang the doorbell... shortly later Eddy popped upsairs to say I had two parcels - one from the US and one from Australia... ooooh, I thought, probably the TWCOE. I was right... look at these beauties:

A lovely Christmas tree (no idea who it's by, but it's very familiar) stitched by Sophia in Australia.

Hummingbird by TW, stitched by Terry, who organises the TWCOE.

WOW!!! They are both so beautiful - thank you ladies!!!

Today I was expecting some nice post, as it's my birthday... and I wasn't disappointed. A pile of cards, a bracelet, a lovely bone lace bobbin (from Eddy) and this:

from my lovely sister. I'd asked her for the chart and fabric, but didn't really expect her to also get the floss. Lil sis, you are a star. I'll use this as the perfect opportunity to advertise her blog, a humorous account of life living in London... do pop by and have a read!! She's an aspiring writer, and I really enjoy her posts (but I may be biased).

Happy stitching everyone


Anonymous said...

Beautiful ornaments! What a great gift from your sister :) Happy birthday for yesterday!

Giovanna said...

Ooooh, those ornaments are so pretty! And I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with Hedgerow Birds! Many happy belated returns for your birthday.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Birthday Jo! I'm so excited to be off of work for two weeks!

Beauiful ornaments!!