Monday, 4 April 2011

April goals and TUSAL

It's time for another TUSAL! This month I added orts from Hedgerow Birds, A New Beginning and Holiday Holly Biscornu:

It's also a new month, so time to review those goals:

1) Finish Hedgerow Birds YES
2) work on another WIP YES - A New Beginning got a bit of work
3) knit the rest of the cardigan YES, and I finished sewing it up yesterday (admittedly in April, but I'm happy!)
4) make some lace (anything would do) On Friday (again in April) I finished the Christmas decoration
5) do some quilting YES, made a lovely quilt cover at the class I went to
6) start TW's Fruit Bell Pull, now I have all of the supplies Nope
7) I would also really like to get more of the biscornu done YES - another early April Happy Dance

Amazingly, in March and the first few days of April I had FIVE happy dances!!! I am amazed! I didn't get fruit bellpull started, but I can live with that.

in April I'd like to:

1) Get A New Beginning past the half way mark
2) Work on another WIP
3) Start fruit bell pull
4) Select and buy a chart for Helene's birth sampler
5) Make some lace
6) Do some knitting
7) Do some quilting

We'll see how that goes - on the plus side I do have nearly 2 weeks off over Easter!

Happy Stitching

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Daffycat said...

Beautiful layers in your jar!