Thursday, 21 April 2011

It's spring, so clearly time for... PUMPKINS???

So my stitching never seems to follow the seasons. Christmas ornaments in August. Sunflowers in November. And pumpkins in the hottest April I've ever enjoyed!! A few weeks ago, when we went to my Mum and Dad's ruby wedding celebrations I wanted to take a small travelling project with me. Ed had bought me BBD's Harvest Time for Christmas, and I had a lovely bit of left over hand dyed linen that was just the right size. I'd bought the floss when I needed some threads for Hedgerow Birds, as I knew that it wouldn't be long before I HAD to start it.

After a major frogging incident this afternoon (I'd missed 6 rows out of the middle pumpkin. How??? Possibly because I stitched that bit in the garden while chatting to Mum and Dad!!), but after a couple of hours in front of the snooker this afternoon/evening I'm probably approaching the half way point:

Time for Harvest, (c) Blackbird Designs
Stitched in GAST Dark Chocolate, on Stitches and Spice Tundra

I also started TWs Fruit Bellpull (also with an autumnal theme) at the weekend. I've now completed the border around the apples square. I'm planning on stitching this one block at a time, to include the borders and BS. I sometimes find the final push of borders and BS is a TW a little, well, time consuming - so near yet so far, if you know what I mean! Anyway, here's a snap of that:

Teresa Wentzler's Fruit Bellpull
Stitched in DMC on Antique white Quaker cloth

Embarrassingly on such a sunny day I took these photos at dusk, so they are a little dark!

This weekend we are off to see Margaret in Birmingham. I've not decided which piece to take with my yet... maybe both of these - after all, we have the car!!

Have a lovely Easter, and hope everyone finds some stitching time x


Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

the pumpkins look cool and suitably spooky and the fruit border is so pretty, i cant wait to see what else will appear there :-)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Your TW border looks wonderful! And I can see how completely finishing each section as you stitch a complex design like that would help :)

Daffycat said...

Well, if one doesn't get the pumpkins planted early enough they might not be ready for harvest time, right? I love those pumpkins!

Your TW border looks promising. Such a lovely design.

Giovanna said...

Very pretty WIPs - my favourite being the BBD of course, lol. I hope your Easter was peaceful and happy.

Heidi said...

You mean it is not normal to stitch pumpkins or Christmas in hot weather??? I do it too and think it comes naturally from thinking of cooling off. Seems the summer season just inspires to these things and since we have summer instead of spring in Holland and England.....

Hugs from Holland ~

P.S. - I am working on a bobbinlace Christmas ornament once again so it proves the theory right?