Sunday, 17 April 2011

Loving this sunny spring!

Well the weather in the UK has been just amazing for the last few weeks, I swear that a couple of years ago we'd have been delighted with a bit of this in July and August! Sadly I've been busy at work (and getting back into the bad habit of working late), but I've made sure I've made the most of it at the weekends!

Last weekend it was my parents' Ruby Wedding anniversary, so we went back home to celebrate with them. I took the opportunity to take a couple of pieces in the be framed at my favourite framing shop in Lincoln. It'll be ages until I get back to pick them up, but I can't wait to see how they turn out. Patience is a virtue, I suppose...

On Saturday we had a party with close family and friends - 22 people in all - and took full advantage of the lovely sunny weather, spending most of the afternoon sat in the garden. My sister Michelle, Eddy and I organised the food allowing mum to chat to her guests - and everyone seemed to have a lovely time. I certainly did. On Sunday we ate delicious leftovers in the garden at lunchtime, and in the afternoon I caught up with one of my old school friends.

This weekend was also spent outside, busy sorting our garden. We tidied, weeded, trimmed and scattered new bark chippings in the front garden - I don't think it's ever looked this finished! I can't wait until my roses start to flower!

I also took some snaps of the flowers currently in bloom. I love primulas, and the apple blossom is just coming out.

Stitching wise I've been focusing on A New Beginning - and I've just got past the half way point. I took the photo outside, taking full advantage of the lovely sunlight!

I've also started two new pieces, but don't have photos of either, so I'll share those later in the week.

Happy Stitching x


Giovanna said...

Glad to read that the weather's so kind to you. ANB looks lovely!

geeky Heather said...

Beautiful flowers...and stitching!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am so tempted to start planting up my pots, all my fuchias bar one died, but Mum says "wait, give them til May"!

The sampler is looking great, I love all the individual designs.

Karoline said...

Isn't the weather glorious, your garden is looking gorgeous and ANB is looking lovely