Saturday, 28 January 2012

Christmas Mandolin

My mum put a couple of pretty Mill Hill kits in my Christmas stocking this year, and I finished the first one a week ago. I would have posted it earlier on, but the photos I took at home in the evenings were DREADFUL, so I had to wait until I remembered to take a photo during daylight hours! Luckily today was really sunny, and I remembered to get the shot before it got dark (although the light was just beginning to fade!).

Anyway, here it is:

I've been busy today - shopping, doing some work etc - but now I've got all that done I think I'll ignore the housework (because I never do that ;) ) and enjoy some stitching time. I'm trying to get all the xs done on the peacock firescreen - which is looking achievable, and I'll probably do some more knitting as we're planning on watching some more of The Killing.

I hope everyone else is doing something they love this weekend!


Rachael G said...

Very nice

Giovanna said...

Very pretty finish, well done!

Sara said...

Very nice, I love the Mill Hill kits!