Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hmmm, I've really got out of the habit of blogging, haven't I? December was mostly taken up with work, Christmas shopping, visiting family and making some Christmas gifts. When the festive season finally arrived I ate, drank and crafted, making great progress on a couple of projects. We did over 750 miles in the car visiting family and friends. Thankfully we realised that after all that busy, we would need a relaxing holiday... so Ed and I both took this week off work too. Yeah for extended holidays!

I had three happy dances in the run up to Christmas. All were knitted gifts:

The first scarf was for my friend Annia. It's actually a very late birthday present, but I posted it with her (bought) Christmas present. The yarn is Ranco multy by Araucania.

My second happy dance was my first ever pair of socks, which I made for my Dad. These were a big hit, he wore them the day after I gave them to him.

The second scarf was for my sister. I decided it was time I tried a more complicated lace pattern. This backfired a little, as it took me ages to get going... then a week before Christmas the pattern suddenly made sense. Which was great until I had to work out the pattern for the pretty ends, which took a while. I then learnt that I forgot how to do the pattern entirely when knitting late at night... I finally finished it at about 10am on Boxing Day - then wrapped it and drove to my parent's house - it was done JUST in time... It's knitted in a different colour of the same Ranco Multy yarn, and I LOVE it!

I've not had chance to work out my yearly recap, or to think about goals for 2012, but they will follow. Hopefully after not too long! I'll also share some photos of my current cross stitch and knitting projects, and what I hope will be my first happy dance of 2012, a Bedfordshire lace butterfly...

I hope everyone has a lovely, crafty 2012 xx


Anonymous said...

Lovely finishes! I'm glad you managed to get the scarf done in the nick of time lol. I'll look forward to seeing your plans for 2012

Giovanna said...

Love your knitting finishes. A Happy New Year to you!

Karoline said...

Great finishes, congratulations

Dani - tkdchick said...

What lovely handmade gifts!!! Happy New Year Jo!

Avivah Smith-Nelson said...

Love the socks! I'm glad that you like your first pair (my were hideous!)

The knitting looks great!