Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Toys...

This week has been extremely busy, but is has also involved a few new toys :)

First of all, my Christmas present from Eddy finally arrived ( he ordered from Thread Bear at the start of December, but I think he must have missed their before Christmas order from America). Anyway, my late Christmas present included A Stitcher's Journey, Christmas Garden and Buttons and Pins by Blackbird Designs, Celtic Summer by Lavender and Lace and 1814 Butterfly Collection by Carriage House Samplimgs. I was delighted with my present, even if it was a little late!!

Last Sunday Steff offered some old Country Cross Stitch magazines for sale over the TW Facebook group - I snapped up 4 magazines, with a total of 10 TW charts - she posted them in Australia on Monday and they made it to Yorkshire on Saturday! I can't believe how quickly they got here and I am very happy with these new additions to my stash.

Then I made a major new purchase. I'm writing this on my new iPad Air :) I'm busy kidding myself this was a necessary expenditure for work (and it will certainly be very useful), but I'm loving using it to surf the web and blog while sat on the sofa! I also bought a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard (for work), and a pretty case I picked up in the Sales...

I took this photo quickly last night using my iPhone, sorry it's so rubbish! The others are all taken with my iPad - it's starting to get dark now, so I'm quite chuffed with the quality.

I have been busy stitching - I finished Gaelic Banner last weekend, but it needs washing and pressing before I share it. I decided I wanted to do a quick project, so started Rose Garden by Blackbird Designs. This is where I am up to so far:

I can't remember what fabric this is (unlabelled from stash), but it is a very fine count!

Finally I forgot to post the TUSAL on Thursday, so here are my orts. Lots of green and gold from Gaelic Banner, and some pink on top from Rose Garden.

I think that's it for now. I hope the iPad will mean that I blog a bit more - it's certainly more fun than using my laptop. I've read a few blogs and have started commenting again - it's lovely to see what everyone else is up to!

Happy stitching folks xxx


Giovanna said...

What wonderful new stash, and an iPad must be just wonderful (haven't got one myself... yet) - enjoy the new toys :-) Thanks for the kind message you left on my blog.

~ Toni ~ said...

What a wonderful selection of patterns and your ORT container is filling nicely. Happy Stitching.

Sara said...

Good to see you post:) hope you are loving the iPad, I've got one of the earlier ones and they are great for surfing but sometimes I have to hide mine to get any stitching done! Don't feel too bad about not blogging, it's been a challenge for me to find time too lately but hopefully that will clear up soon!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Congratulations on scoring some more TW! Your new laptop looks very nifty and incredibly compact :) I've always thought the Celtic Ladies lovely, especially since I've seen so many online conversions. And your new start is beautiful, I love the soft pink colour, it really adds to the vintage feel of the design ;)