Saturday, 15 February 2014

Peacock Majesty

I started this piece while on a work trip to South Africa 18 months ago, and never got past the background on the right side. Once I finished Rose Garden I felt like a TW so I picked it up again. In just over a week I've almost completed the tail - and I love the colours.

In the week I ordered some new fabric, so I can start a Blackbird Designs - probably one of the two smaller charts in Mary Ann Blackburn, but I've not decided which yet. I bought all the threads while in the US last April, so I SHOULD be good to go...

Right now I'm waiting for Sonia so we can go to a Sheffield Lacemakers working day - I'm taking Wisteria, and I'd like to get round the first corner today.

Hope everyone else is having a fun, stitchy weekend xxx


~ Toni ~ said...

Nice progress. I just love seeing TW designs stitched out. She does such a wonderful job with the colors. Very nice :)

Giovanna said...

Beautiful stitching - it's a very pretty design.

Karoline said...

Your peacock is looking gorgeous, great progress

Stitching Noni said...

Lovely progess :o)
TW design are also so lovely!