Tuesday, 2 February 2010

February goals

At the start of January I was very engrossed with Pommegramates and Pears, hoping to make great progress, but also to actually pick something else up (which took up goals 1-3). I did start P&P (goal 1), make good progress (goal 2) and I did work on somehting else (goal 3)... I also finished it!

My other goals were:
4) finish the knight panel on FT - not quite. I did all of the cross stitch, but none of the half stitch, over 1 or back stitch
5) stitch an ornie - yes, a sticking by Blackbird designs
6) make significant progress on Postman Pat - yes, getting close to finishing him now
7) stitch on another WIP, if I find the time - no. I didn't find time, but more importantly didn't have the inclination!

So, what do I want to achieve in February?
1) Finish Knight panel of FT
2) start the maiden panel on FT
3) finish Postman Pat sampler
4) stitch an ornie
5) work on a different WIP
6) make some lace (not done any for AGES!!)

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Angela said...

Good luk. I gave up on stitching goals because as soon as I set them all my plans fall apart.