Monday, 15 February 2010

Laugharne Castle

Yesterday I started a blackwork of Laugharne Castle (pronounced Larne). I've done all of the gold and thick backstitch, now I just need to work on the finer outlining and the fill patterns on the castle itself:

It's by Home handicrafts, a small local company based in Tenby in South Wales. I lived in Carmarthen for a year, and Home Handicrafts was my favourite LNS while I was there (and Tenby is still one of my favourite places - we used to stay there for some summer holidays as a famjily when I was growing up, so I have many fond memories of the town, spread throughout my life). I moved away from Carmarthen in 2003, and since then the owner of home handicrafts retired, but one of his employees took on the shop - albeit in a smaller premesis. Since downsizing it's lost some of its charm (it's also much tidier now), but I love the set of Blackworks they sell. I stitched Carew Cross many years ago, while on holiday as a teenager:

I also have a Welsh dragon and Manorbier Castle in my stash. Manorbier has special memories for me too - not only as a holiday destination, and later somewhere I took students to on a field trip, but also because it was used in the BBC's adaptation of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - where the children first met Aslan. I really want a few more of these, especially St Govan's chapel - hopefully the shop will still be there when we next go to Wales!

I went to WW tonight, another 2.5 lbs off - that's 10.5 so far. I've just tried on a smaller pair of jeans from my wardrobe, and they fit, but are perhaps a little snug for lounging on the sofa stitching... but they are so close to being ultra-comfy it's very exciting!

Dani asked where I was ging in the US - nowhere in the North sadly! We are flying to Vegas, and driving to Albuquerque (for my conference) but it will be a roundabout trip - we are taking in the Grand Canyon, Mountain Valley, the Mesa Verde and Santa Fe on the way!!! Only 6 weeks to wait now... I just need to get a few more hotels booked and the car hire sorted and we are all set!


mollycaff said...

I've got many happy childhood memories of Tenby and the surrounding areas, we used to holiday there and in Saundersfoot. My dad always enjoyed visiting castles wherever we went, there's plenty of them to see in this part of the world LOL. I've just stitched a wonderful chart with dragons called Celtic Welcome as a SAL with my sister, mine says Welcome, her's says Croeso as she lives in Machynlleth where more Welsh is spoken than English. Congrats on the weight loss, 10.5 off is amazing!

Giovanna said...

That new project looks lovely. Congrats on the weight loss!

Alan said...

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