Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've not had much time to blog this week, mostly because in a fit of madness I decided to stitch this for Eddy's Valentine's card:

Peacock Heart, Freebie by Trillium
I have to thank Lindsay for putting up the link to this. Of course I saw the chart on Tuesday... which gave me just 3 nights to stitch it before Eddy came home for the weekend. On Thursday night I took it over to Louise's with me, and it wasn't looking very likely that I'd get it done, especially as some pesky frogs came and paid me a visit, but I stayed up til nearly midnight, and put in the last couple of lengths over breakfast on Friday morning! I was delighted to find the perfect card in the little stationery shop in Pudsey... and he wasn't sure what I was doing when I banned him from the study while compiling the card Saturday evening.

We had a very relaxed Valentine's - last night we had a curry takeaway (Eddy's choice). I was very good at picking low points options - smoked haddock baked in spices to start, and a vegetable curry (Aloo gobi), but still had the necessary pilau rice (plain just doesn't do it) and naan bread - sharing both with Eddy, and a lovely cold beer. I'd even saved up a few WW points, and just need to save anther 2.5 today... which is going well so far! We watched A LOT of TV - Igor (amusing animation, love the idea of a country populated by evil geniuses) the final of 'so you think you can dance' and the Star Trek. Today was a rugby day, and we booked a few hotels for our upcoming trip to the US... plenty more to sort, but we are getting there.

Last week I did actually finish Postman Pat:

I changed some of the shading on his hands and face, as they looked odd before. Hopefully I can give this to Leanne in a fortnight.

WW went well last week. I weighed in a day late (off excavating on Monday, lots of activity, but as it was for work I didn't count the extra points). I lost another 2 lbs, taking my total to 8. In 3 weeks!! Woohoo!! Not sure how I'll have done this week - excavating meant I ate a little more than I should on Monday, and then a day in Cambridge for a meeting on Wednesday and a Valentine's curry yesterday has made sticking to my points tricky this week. I over-ate a little on 3 days, but compensated and saved points on the other days. But I only went swimming once. We'll see. Tomorrow in fact!

Today I started another new start, this time a Blackwork of Laugharne Castle, but I'll share that in a later post.


Anonymous said...

Love the peacock heart finish, perfect for Valentine's Day!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful card you stitched up there! Thanks for sharing the link I'll be keeping that one for future use!

Well done on the WW! Your weight loss is right on track, WW in North America suggests you loose 0.5-2 lbs a week, anything over that and you're loosing too fast! Sometimes we think we have eaten poorly, and our body surprises us.

Your trip to the US, will you be anywhere in Northern New York State? Or going to Canada?