Sunday, 30 January 2011

A little finish

Well on Thursday I said I'd post my latest finish on Friday, but you know how it is!!! Last week I stitched the Cherished Stitches pin keep from the 2010 JCS edition - which matches the needlebook I stitched earlier this month. I used the green border to make a matching back, with my initials and date in the lovely pink:

I then started Hedgerow Birds by Blackbird Designs. After looking at the loose weave of the fabric I decided against using a frame, and am stitching this in hand (which is very unusual for me, with anything bigger than an ornie). That said I am really enjoying the 20ct linen, and using 3 strands of floss - a real contrast to the 32ct/1 strand of floss stitching I've been doing of late!! I took this yesterday afternoon, but started some more of the birds last night:

I have one niggle though - the patten clearly states it needs 10 yards of Apple Cider - which my lovely sister bought me - but I've almost finished the first skein. I've still got quite a bit of it to use on the first side - and I'd say that there's just as much Apple Cider on the back. Hmm, maybe it's a typo on the pattern - if anyone else has stitched this I'd love to know if they ran short of this colour.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a quilting class, but sadly it was cancelled. I was a bit listless all day, until I decided to pull out my lace pillow. I've very nearly finished the little circular motif that I started back in May - not that you can see much under the pile of bobbins and pins!!!

I'm going to try and finish this today - but it will prove tricky, as it's the first time I've ever made lace right side up - it's easier to make the lace this way up, but much trickier to join up the trail around the edge at the end. It'll then take me a while to tidy up all of the threads that got thrown out along the way... but eventually I should be able to show you the finished design!!!

Finally, thank you all for the lovely encouraging comments on my last post, they really do mean a lot :)

Happy stitching!


Daffycat said...

O.O That pile of bobbins is intimidating-looking, Jo!

Blu said...

Cute finish.
The lace looks fascinating, but how do you keep track of the bobbins? There's just way too many things there.

Karoline said...

Great finish, the ornament is lovely

Giovanna said...

The ornament is lovely!
Yes, you definitely need a 3rd skein of apple cider (I did). I had a close call with the chamomile too, but I think I just about managed with the two.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Nice little finish there Jo! Hmmm that pile of bobbins just looks like a big old mess to me! But I'm sure something beautiful lurks beneath!

Sara said...

What a pretty finish!

The lace is very interesting, can't wait to see more of that project.

Anonymous said...

Lovely ornament, I have the matching needlebook on my list to stitch this year (hopefully) after seeing it on your blog. Those bobbins look very complicated!