Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Yearly re-cap

2011 is already rushing past at an alarming rate (how can I be back at work already????). I really need to sum up my 2010 stitching!

Medium-sized and larger cross stitch happy dances (7):

*Pooh and Eeyore
*Fantasy Triptych
*Sunflower charms
*Mini Greek Island
*Laugharne Castle
*Postman Pat birth sampler
*Pomegranate and Pear Stitches

Ornaments and other small cross stitch (13):

*Joy, Love & Peace
*Storyteller ornament
*Holiday Peacock
*French Country Star
*Oh Christmas Tree
*Winter sampler
*Santa's buddies
*Dragonfly pincushion
*Holly ornament
*Peacock heart
*Winter song

Knitting and other crafts (6):

*Cable knit scarf
*Stripy scarf
*Lacy scarf
*Tulip Scissor Keep
*Quilted mat
*Torchon lace garter

I stitched slightly fewer medium-large projects than last year (9), but more smalls (up from 6) and did lots more non-cross stitch crafting compared with last year, when I completed 2 lace projects. I was also pleased that I managed to blog more often in 2010.

At the start of 2010 I had the following WIPs:
* Eeyore's problem didn't touch it
* Peacock firescreen made good progress
* Fantasy triptych FINISHED!!!
* Gaelic banner didn't touch this one either
* Wild Thyme fairy getting close...
* Postman Pat FINISHED!!

This year I am starting with the following WIPs:
* Eeyore's problem
* Peacock firescreen
* Gaelic banner
* Wild Thyme fairy
* A new beginning

* Sampler quilt
* Amish star quilt
* Milanese lace
* Bedfordshire lace flower
* Bedfordshire lace butterfly
* Lace ornament

Hmm, that's quite a bit on the go :)

So how did I do with my goals for 2010?

1) finish Postman Pat YES
2) finish Fantasy Triptych YES
3a) finish at least one more WIP NO but I finished my Jan 1st start - Pomegranate and Pear Stitches
3b) and make good progress on all of the rest partially met - I didn't stitch on two WIPs
4) start another large TW NO, still not decided which one!
5) stitch lots, on what I want, and enjoy it!! HELL YES :) )

So what for 2011:

1) Finish Wild Thyme Fairy
2) Finish Peacock Firescreen
3) Work on the other 3 cross stitch WIPs
4) Finish the lace ornament and 1 more lace project
5) Finish a quilt
6) Start a large TW
7) Start Hedgerow Birds (Blackbird Designs)
8) Do the finishing on some of the many ornaments I stitched in 2010
9) Stitch lots, on what I want, and enjoy it!!(my favourite goal from 2010!!)

I think that will keep me going ;)


Rachael xxx said...

Well done on completing so much and good luck for this year

Giovanna said...

You've had a great 2010 - may 2011 be just as good or better!

mollycaff said...

An extremely productive 2010, and certainly lots to keep you busy in 2011. Looking forward to reading all about them!