Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fairy fun

At the weekend I said I fancied a change... so I looked at my WIPs and decided to pull out Wild Thyme Fairy again. I've made great progress, finishing her leg and getting going with the thyme and grasses to the right of the fairy. The last progess photo I posted (back in March) shows what she looked like when I picked her up this weekend. Is it really 8 months since I last worked on her???

I've done almost all of the stitches in the bottom left corner, and am making good progress with the bottom right. The top half is less intensively stitched, so once the thyme and grass is done it should come along quickly. Well it would do if I'd not decided to stitch the areas of skin over 1...

I've finished the stitching on the second ornament for the TWCOE. I just need to get them both finished ready for posting by the middle of next week.


Missy said...

Gorgeous stitching and that shading of colours are amazing.WTG!!

Giovanna said...

Cute legs! :-)

mollycaff said...

Very pretty!

Raggedy Ann said...

your stitching is beautiful!!
I enjoyed visiting your blog,
Louise in Florida