Friday, 19 November 2010

Peaceful stitching

I have to admit that I really am a stitching addict. A day isn't complete if I've not had some time to stitch!! I find it very relaxing and peaceful (even when frogs come to visit - but not quite as relaxing!). This week I stitched 'Peace' by Blackbird Designs, from the 2009 JCS ornament issue... the name really reflected my mood while working on it!

Peace, (c) Blackbird Designs
Stitched on Sparklies 'parchment' using the recommended threads.

Tomorrow I'm off to Sheffield, for a Sheffield Lace Makers working day. Each group will put on a display of things they have made - not just our lace. Our 'group' - me and Sonia - are hoping to wow with the wide range of crafts we do. I'm also hoping that my recently completed Fantasy Triptych will help with the wow factor!!


KarenV said...

Lovely ornament! That's one of my favourites from last year. Enjoy your day today.

Karin said...

Great ornie! Hope you have a great time at your retreat.

Giovanna said...

Hey, that looks familiar :-)
Great little finish, Jo!

Karoline said...

Lovely ornie, congratulations