Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Making Lace in Sheffield

Well this weekend was really busy for me - What with Sheffield Lace Makers on Saturday, the a-ha concert in Manchester Saturday night and then a trip to York on Sunday I certainly kept myself busy... too busy as by the time I got home on Sunday I totally zonked out. I thought I was just shattered but Monday morning I woke up with what I would usually describe as a 'flu-like cold - but without the cold. Between Sunday night and Monday afternoon I slept for about 18 hours, with short breaks for food - and phoning work to say I was sick!! So apologies for not posting over the weekend... (I'm on the mend now, if still a little tired and achy).

Anyway, Sonia came round Saturday morning to head off to Sheffield. If you recall, this working day was planned to be an open day, with displays of lace and other crafts by the different 'groups'. As I've been on the Sheffield Lace Makers committee in the past, and Sonia is now on the committee, they suggested the pair of us should contribute a display. Initially this was very daunting - the other groups are much larger, and many have been making lace for years... what on earth could we do???? It soon became apparent that for us, variety is the spice of life... what with my lace, cross stitch, blackwork, tapestry, quilting and knitting, and Sonia's lace, embroidery, cushions, beading, spinning, weaving and bobbin turning, we had quite enough for a display... we were also aware that the other groups might have had a PLAN for their display, we just turned up with a box or two of things we thought might be useful - and as a very late (yet inspired idea), some fairy lights. Plus photos on my laptops of the many projects we have given away over the years. We were both REALLY pleased with our end result (and I took the opportunity to shamelessly promote this blog!!):

Jo and Sonia's Corner - you might recognise a few pieces ;)

I found all of the other displays really inspiring - lets just say that Sheffield Lace Makers are a really talented group of ladies!!!

Rockingham Lace Makers

Nene Lacemakers

Norton Interest Group

Rotherham Lacemakers

Phyllis' Tuesday night Group aka 'Tuesday's Child is full of grace'

After having a really good look at everyone else's displays, and the lace they were currently working on, I did get down to make a little lace, and completed 2 of the 5 petals on the flower I am doing, including my first (and second) ever raised leaves. Sadly there are so many pins on the piece I can't get anything like a reasonable photo of it just yet, so that will have to wait.

At about 3pm we had to pack up to leave - to make sure I got home in time for the gig.... more on that later!!


Karin said...

Oooh! So much good stuff. Can't wait to hear all about the gig.

Madammeke Ongeduld said...

so many beautiful things you have on your blog

Giovanna said...

Wow, all those displays are wonderful!
I would have been drooling all over them - not good, lol! I hope you're feeling ok now.

mollycaff said...

What a wonderful collection of lace, beautiful!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What GORGEOUS displays!!! You should be proud of all of your work!

Heidi said...

Hi Jo! So nice to be back in blogland and visit with you again. Thank you for my welcome back. I just love your display you did with Sonia. It looks like it was a wonderful and inspiring time. So sorry you came back feeling unwell and hope you are much better now!

Hugs from Holland ~